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Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is a mutual insurance in the United States with more than two million members in Iowa and South Dakota. It is the dominant health insurance in Iowa. It is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Founded in 1939, Wellmark offers dental and health insurance as well as life insurance. It began participating in the health care exchange for 2017.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Old-school management style in some ways"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It all depends on who your boss is. There are too many leaders. Managers lead with emotions and preconceived notions. If they don't like you even if you do a great job they will make your work life very difficult. They play favorites and treat employees very differently from one another."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"A little more company organization is needed"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Frequent on-call issues. Development processes are immature which leads to problems when code is put into production and the system breaks."


"Benefits are very costly and there is no discount for working for them"

Current Employee - IT Tech Lead says

"No work from home. Partial work allocation. Some staffs are over allocated and some are not working at all. You are overly allocated if manager knows if you working."

Current Employee - Senior IT Solutions Developer says

"SLT makes decisions on projects, deadlines, etc. with no regard to current staff levels. The project mentality is "just get it done". This creates a lot of stress and staff have to juggle several projects at once. HR job descriptions make promotions very difficult for young, talented and motivated staff. There are many under-qualified people in lead, management and director roles. No work from home policy because the CEO believes all employees should be treated equally (customer service can't work from home so no one can)...unless there is a production problem, then you're expected to drop what you're doing and work from home, vacation, etc. It's an outdated, short-sighted philosophy that neither attracts nor retains top talent."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"pays are not competitive for IE interns"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No remote working except for contractors"

Developer/Programmer (Former Employee) says

"No career advancement opportunities. Management has identified their own favorite people. HR is non existent/ does not have much impact. Environment is very competitive/ hostile.Good building, lots of moneyBiased management, Most of the jobs going offshore (Cognizant)"

Contractor Robert Half 801 Grand Ave Ste. 2950 (Former Employee) says

"Job Culture is awful, the people are back stabbers, what a mess, you dont know if you have a job tomorrow. I was fired on a Friday, and they called me on my way home, nice, its an insurance company.The cafeteriathe people and the culture"

Accounts Receivable Manager (Current Employee) says

"A very small company with about 10 office employees. It was a quite office environment. The upper management would make you stop what you were in the middle of so you can mail their personal package to a family member for them."


"Do not work here........they are NOT interested in you giving "GOOD" customer service.....just answer the phones and get em off as quick as possible!!!!!BenefitsEverything else"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"People are not appreciated. Only supports their leaders and not the employees. Leadership makes poor decisions. Cut too many corners. Needs new leadership."

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Leaders are usually those who have been there for years. They are promoted regardless of if they make good leaders or not. HR is there to protect the leaders not the employees. Great employees leave or are terminated as leaders are threatened by them. Slackers seem to go unnoticed and are rewarded.Gym. Benefits, ParkingLeadership"

IT Developer-Intern (Former Employee) says

"I accepted an internship with Wellmark. When my internship was extended out until after I graduated, a job was created just for me, and I was told on numerous occasions I was promised a job, I relocated my family to Des Moines. Three days before I graduated, I found out the position which stated as a requirement "Less than 1 year experience" was going to go to someone else who had 2-3 years experience. My team "leader" told me they are over-qualified but because they are asking for what Wellmark was going to pay, that's makes them more qualified than me. I continued to discuss my concerns to no avail. I set up a meeting with HR to discuss the grievance process but she did not seem to understand anything I was saying and just continued to tell me that an offer was not extended to me and this is their policy. It is extremely disappointing that a company who puts on such a show to care about their employees could, in all reality, care less about them. This is nothing more than a money-hungry, misleading, company whom I would say stay clear of!Great gymMis-leading, corrupt, team "leaders" who don't lead very well"

Advanced Care Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Wellmark is not a good place to work. New mgmt had come in over the last year, and attempted to change everything over to utilization mgmt. The culture was poor and tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.yearly bonusesmanagers were hired to go to meetings, not for their knowledge of their job"

RN (Former Employee) says

"Nice environment and coworkers. Not able to meet their high expectations. In addition was not given adequate time to learn the job with expected end results of 98% success rate within 2 months of the job and little previous experience. If they want someone with 15 years of experience, it should be mentioned in the interview. I was very upfront about what I had experience with. Management rarely had the answers so left with the coworkers assistance who had little experience themselves."

Cloud Architect (Former Employee) says

"Interesting cloud architecture/security work, but poor management appreciation. After creating automated security scans/fixes the security group was very enthusiastic but I was let go before I could even finish it.Cheap food, nice downtown locationStupid, uncommunicative management"

Machine Operator (Current Employee) says

"slow days then crowded days, treated unfairly, management very unorganized, very low wages for the amount of work that you do and they let higher up workers there get away with a lot more."

Transition Senior Advocate (Current Employee) says

"The company goes through re-organizations frequently. The company is always looking to automate process, which is great for the business, but they tend to either outsource or eliminate positions.Good pay for operations departmentThe culture is not at the level managment thinks it is"

Network/Server Manager (Former Employee) says

"This was mostly a 9 to 5 type of job. There was myself and my boss as the I.T. department, he decided that he would take care of the database/CRM program, everything else was my responsibility."

RN Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Wellmark BCBS is all about "numbers/contacts" and NOT their "members". That is not what I went to nursing school for. Their focus is all about Production, NOT spending time or helping the members/patients.great benefitsexpected to meet unrealistic goals"

Senior Corporate Communications Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Employees are given a specific amount of money they can use to give back to the communities through volunteerism. This is a great benefit to the employees and one few companies have."

Registered Nurse Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Micromanagement and leadership control issues with projects and tasks. Company as a whole promotes healthy life with amazing fitness center but leadership didn't encourage or support daily work outs or walking groups."

Team Leader/Data Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Leadership fails to recognize that it has an incredibly high volume of talented individual contributors, but hasn't recognized how to turn the culture around - it's simple - trust/respect/recognition of talen.Benefits/Gym/BonusWork hours/culture/leadership lacking talented individuals"

Specialist III (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot from my time at Wellmark, and met many great people as well. As Health care changes continue so must business processes. Great place to begin a career for Millennials."

Individual Contributor (Current Employee) says

"Wellmark is a good place to work and has a close knit community of people who truly work on behalf of members' well-being. Career progression within the company is limited, however, for driven high performers. Leadership styles and decision making is mostly hierarchical, which proves challenging for those working toward career advancement. Favorite benefits include a beautiful building to work in, onsite workout facilities, and retirement options with pension. Benefits are a bit out dated when it comes to flexible scheduling, remote working arrangements, accumulation rate of PTO, corporate reimbursement for professional credentialing, and no parental/family paid leave.Building, onsite gym, pensionstagnant career progression"

Health Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"This TPA is great for seasonal and contract work, during open enrollment for health insurance. I have no other information upon which to base my review."

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